Allan, you nailed it. There is certainly an art to creating value and enrolling a prospective client into coaching!

~ Greg Clowminzer, Professional Speaker ♦ Executive Coach ♦ Leadership Coach ♦ Business Coach ♦ Life Coach

What an ‘aha’ moment! Allan’s perspective allows me to be more inclusive towards attracting the clients who want my services.

~ Adrienne Gardner, Personal Development Coach

The PersonaCoach approach is very relevant to the problems that I have encountered and have seen other coaches experience as well.

~ Anthony J. Perez, Founder and CEO of Success is a Language Inc.

I am very impressed with your program. I am more invigorated with your modules than I ever was during my initial certification course. As a brand new coach, this program truly resonates with me. It's not enough to say or believe that I bring value to any particular client, or group. It's more important to recognize and answer how I can bring value to my clients; before I even hire them. This small, yet significant distinction will help me become more professional.

~ Ginette Chandler, Certified Life Coach

Allan's point is 1500% right! People are looking for different type of coaching!

~ E.G.Sebastian, Your Client-Attraction Mentor

I like Allan's approach!

~ Susan R. Meyer, Owner at Susan R Meyer, Coaching & Consulting

Thanks Allan for putting things into perspective. I could not agree more!

~ Ulla Wiegand, Persönlichkeits-Coaching für Führungskräfte

I hope that Allan will continue to use his influence to promote "a more pragmatic coaching approach". The coaching profession will benefit from such needed changes.

~ George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CEAP, Executive Coach for Disruptive Physicians at Anderson & Anderson, Executive Coaching/Anger Management

Thank you for helping to move the coaching profession in a positive direction.

~ Rev Kevin T. Coughlin D.D. NCRC I, NCAMP I, NCIP, Director New Beginning Ministry

Thanks Allan! I think this is great advice for all coaches, even newbies such as myself! For me, the key phrase is "If your coaching practice is out of alignment with your personal values it will not produce the results your clients are looking for." That's something I will need to continually go back to. Over and over again.

~ Ed Herzog, Career & Life Coach

Brilliant! Great questions to ask ourselves as coaches, and as individuals.

~ Beata Rydeen, Rydeen Coaching & Consulting

I totally get what you are saying. One thing really hit a bull’s eye for me: “Free Sessions Don't Sell”. How you outlined the structure of the Initial Coaching Session (ICS) call is priceless. I am copying it and putting it in front of me whenever I do an ICS to remind me of the points I am making. Excellent training here for all of us...Thank you, Allan.

~ Susan James, Life Coach

A must know. Excellent!

~ LaDonna 'Jeannie' Dixon, Life and Career Coach, Trainer, Speaker

I want to say thanks to Allan for providing us with such detailed information! I'm newly certified and find it very helpful.

~ Andrea Dray, Professional Certified Life Coach

Really useful advice, Thank you.

~ Amanda Clegg, Educational Consultant in Leadership and Management Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Excellent solutions to tricky problems I have had as a coach. Allan’s strategies are so simple and effective! This is the most valuable 'marketing' tool I have ever received after 10 years of being a coach - finally my fears have been addressed and a solution given! Excellent - thank you - thank you – thank you!

~ Karen Borain, Accredited Executive Coach Johannesburg Area, South Africa

This is such good information. Thank you Allan.

~ Veronica King, Business Improvement Specialist at Pro-actions (London South East) Ltd

Thank you for sharing this valuable information Allan!

~ Patricia LeBlanc, Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner and LIfe Coach * International Best Seller Author Reiki IET

Allan’s approach is incredibly professional. My experience is that clients feel far more comfortable when they are clear on how the process will work. There are far too many coaches who adopt a very casual approach which ultimately brings all coaches into disrepute.

~ Claire Holden, Life Coach & Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner

This is brilliant because it is something I have struggled with in the past and something that is a challenge to new coaches wanting to set up their own practice. Valuable!

~ Grace Graham MSc, MInstLM, Coaching Consultant and Parent Specialist

Allan, this is such valuable information I wish I had when I first started! It took me a long time before I felt comfortable stating my fees. And it took me a long time to come up with a version of your proposal - that and obviously some personal work on my feelings of my self-worth were what helped me. I believe you have just helped more people than you can imagine with your program! Thank you for sharing and not keeping this valuable knowledge to yourself.

~ Kim Ravida, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, CEO at Kim Ravida Coaching