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Keynotes & Seminars

Hello and thank you for your interest in having me speak at your upcoming seminar, radio/TV show, live event or tele-summit.

My name is Allan N. Mulholland.

I'm the author of "Clients Don't Pay for Coaching.  They Pay for RESULTS!" and "Change Your Perception. Change Yourself!"

I am the founder and President of PersonaCoach™ (Int'l) LLC and creator of PersonaCoach™, a unique and proprietary method of Results Coaching that is fundamentally different from any other conventional coaching model.

Workshops & Live Events

I deliver keynotes, half & full day seminars, multi-day workshops and live events in three key areas that are of interest to a variety of audiences.


I present Signature Speeches in the areas of Personal Development, Leadership and Coaching.


For Personal Development, my Signature Speech is entitled 'Change Your Perception, Change Yourself!'


With my proprietary program, you will be able to achieve anything you truly desire by changing the perception of who you are.


This program can be applied to relationships, career & business, health & wellness, personal development and spiritual growth.

Signature Speeches

My Signature Speech for professionals, corporations and institutions is titles 'Change Your Perception of Leadership'.  


Here I will show you how to increase individual productivity and corporate profitability by empowering everyone in the organization, from filing clerk to CEO, to develop their inherent leadership qualities.


Coaches & Consultants will greatly benefit from my Signature Speech 'Become a Coaching EXPERT and Charge EXPERT Coaching Fees!'  


By becoming a coaching EXPERT, you will be able to deliver the Desired Outcome your clients are prepared to pay you a huge coaching fee for!


These Signature Speeches are specifically designed to be motivating, inspiring, thought-provoking, energizing and entertaining!

Watch a video sampling!

I invite you to watch a video sampling of one of my recent presentations.


I look forward to being invited to your next convention or event.


To check for availability, please send an email to personacoach@gmail.com and put SPEAKER REQUEST in the subject line.


Until then,


Live & Love Life Without Limits!