PersonaCoach™ Signature Program        "Change Your Perception, Change Yourself!"


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Change Your Perception, Change Yourself!™  is a program that has been three years in the making and is the result of combining my years of experience as an author, speaker, coach and consultant with the application of the techniques and strategies that are found in my book “The Power of Persona Profiling”.  

It will set you apart from those who are struggling with their identity and who are always looking to fill that void in their lives! 

Now you can be confident and secure in the knowledge that you can deal with any problem, create any solution and achieve any Desired Outcome

Your life and your lifestyle are about to change . . . . forever!

Change Your Perception, Change Yourself !™ is a powerful and in-depth training program exclusively developed for those who want to create permanent change in their lives.

It is a unique and proprietary Personal Development method that delivers desired results and is based on sound principles that are proven successful in the real world!

Not just in theory, but in measurable results.

With Change Your Perception, Change Yourself !™ you’ll discover what it takes to become highly successful in every aspect of your personal & professional life!


Change Your Perception, Change Yourself !™ is your formula for permanent change, if . . .

  • You are ready to super-charge your life or business!
  • Your life or business is stuck in neutral!
  • You are still haunted by your outdated perceptions from the past!
  • You lack the confidence to make any effective changes!
  • You are ready to step ‘outside-the-box’!
  • You want to create a new perception of ‘who you are’!
  • You are prepared to ‘break from the PAST’ and never look back!
  • You want to live the lifestyle others can only dream about!

Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or you simply want a change in direction, Change Your Perception, Change Yourself  will catapult you toward any Desired Outcome!

  • You will take on any issue!
  • You will create a strategy for success for your life and business!
  • You will be able to face any challenges!

Here's what's included in "Change Your Perception, Change Yourself"

  • 12 powerful Training Webinars.
  • Workbook and study guide in an easy-to-follow format..
  • Unlimited email support!

Here are the topics we will cover in “Change Your Perception, Change Yourself!”

MODULE I - Mirror of Perception

✦ The “Mirror of Perception” is a two-way mirror.

✦ When you look into the “Mirror of Perception”, you will see your self-perception.

✦ IF you could look through the “Mirror of Perception”, you would be able to see how that impression is projected onto others.

✦ If you look back through the “Mirror of Perception”, you would be able to “see” what perception others have about you!

MODULE II - Cycle of Identity

✦ Almost everyone suffers from some type of identity crisis as a result of the perpetual “Cycle of Identity”.

✦ In STAGE I, you stand in front of the “Mirror of Perception”, where you will see the image of your current This identity has evolved over time.

✦ In STAGE II you project this identity onto everyone you connect or come into contact with!

✦ In STAGE III your identity will be defined and characterized by your INFLUENCERS. This effectively removes any control you have over your identity!

✦ In STAGE IV, the identity that was created by you in STAGE I, merges with the identity that is created for you in STAGE III to produce a brand new merged identity. Over time, STAGE IV will “evolve” into STAGE I of the next cycle!

✦ Unless the “Cycle of Identity” is interrupted or broken at this point, it will continue to evolve in perpetuity!

MODULE III - Different MASKS for Different TASKS

✦ At this time, you will likely have little or no CONTROL over your projected or perceived identity, yet that identity is responsible for the situation you are in!

✦ Your identity is (in large measure) created and formulated by your INFLUENCERS.

✦ INFLUENCERS are people who made an impact on you in the past, or will make an impact in the future.

✦ In order to create RESULTS, you must break free from the “Cycle of Identity”, interrupt the process of perception and take CONTROL over your

✦ You can take control over your identity by wearing a “Social MASK” that you “display “to others.

✦ This “Social MASK” is your new

MODULE IV - Creating a New Persona

✦ You identify seven essential elements that make up your new Persona.

✦ Behaviors will bring structure to your life. It will restore order out of chaos.

✦ You identify five patterns of social interaction that will allow you to successfully integrate with those whose approval and positive influence is an essential element in achieving your objectives!

✦ You must embrace the positive, neutralize the negative and eliminate the toxic INFLUENCERS.

✦ You have begun the process of programming and conditioning your new Persona to become the “person who would be successful”. You do this by internalizing every element of this Persona in terms of emotions, behavioral patterns, sociology, language, environment, psychology and physiology.

MODULE V - Finding Your Restore Point

✦ You are going to select a Restore Point from where you’ll start to put your new Persona

✦ You will make a list of the ‘wrong choices’ you made since the last time you visited your Restore Point, so that you won’t make the same choices again.

✦ You make a list of all the external influences that have prevented you from achieving success in the Past.

✦ You identify and acknowledge the fears and emotions that have shaped your identity in the Past!

✦ You identify the INFLUENCERS that can threaten or destroy your new Persona.

MODULE VI - Creating a Persona Profile

✦ For you to be in full alignment with the “person who would be successful”, you must first align your new Persona with a profile of such a person.

✦ There are two types of leadership that are part of your Persona Profile:

     ◇ Internal Leadership, and

     ◇ External Leadership.

✦ There are two fundamental qualities inherent in the “person who would be successful”. They are:

      ◇ The desire to achieve, which is similar to an emotion and therefore

      ◇ The ability to achieve, which is based on skill sets and expertise and       therefore acquired.Society conditions us to accept ‘External Leadership” from those who are our INFLUENCERS. But without the guidance of the ‘Leader within’, these ‘External Leaders’ simply promote the values of the institutions they represent.

✦ Leadership is not determined by leadership skills, but by leadership wisdom.

MODULE VII - Measure of Success

✦ The formula for success is based on a set of values that your new Persona shares with the “person who would be successful”. These values must be a true, genuine, authentic and accurate representation of such a person.

✦ Success cannot be measured by any conventional standard. It must be measured on an individual basis and aligned with a person’s True Identity.

✦ Lasting success cannot be achieved through deception or fraud. If the perception of success hinges on expensive toys and living a lavish lifestyle, you’re courting with disaster!

✦ Success in itself is meaningless unless there is value attached to it. We are not successful if the only beneficiary of our success is us.

MODULE VIII - Changing the Conversation!

✦ Your new Persona must be an effective communicator. When it speaks, it must be understood and not just heard! It must not only articulate your position with extreme clarity, it must also be able to defend it in debate! Voice intonations interpret your emotions, while at times silence is your best and most powerful ally and spokesperson.

✦ Your body language validates what your new Persona communicates and your spoken language articulates.

✦ Faith is the hardest thing to find and the easiest thing to lose! When things go wrong and we have no one left to blame, we blame ourselves and in doing so, we blame our faith and our belief!

✦ You can never go back to your past! Whatever happened in the Past is now irrelevant.

MODULE IX - Code of Conduct

✦ Your new Persona must exude confidence in the performance of its role as the “person who would be successful”, or it will be judged as weak and inferior. A new Persona that conducts with confidence will be able to achieve anything that is an absolute MUST!

✦ Integrity is the moral compass of your new

✦ Determination will keep you on target. Purpose will keep you on course!

✦ Without passion, there can never be a complete sense of fulfillment. When you follow your dreams and stay true to your convictions, you will eventually discover your passion!


✦ You will connect the dots between your new Persona and the people who are your INFLUENCERS. They may include a spouse or partner, children, relatives, friends, co-workers, employers and members of your community!

✦ Relatives can be an enormous source of support for you. But they can also be an exasperating irritant in your quest for a new beginning.

✦ Friends come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime!

✦ Your new Persona must be that of a community leader.


✦ In order for you to succeed at achieving your ‘MUST goals and objectives’, you must become the “person who would be successful”. That person is the “Definitive Leader”!

✦ You will seek out “Resolute Relationships” that are eminently of benefit to you, to others and ultimately make a contribution to the Greater Good.

✦ You must become an “Intrepid Entrepreneur”. You will not listen to the voices of doom and gloom. You are intolerant of self-doubt! You are fearless in the face of adversity!

✦ Enduring friendships exist as long as the profile created for you is matched by the profile created by you!

MODULE XII - The Person Who Would Be Successful!

Over these last 10 weeks, you have:

✦ Changed your perceived identity that was responsible for the situation you were in at the beginning of this program!

✦ Broken the “Cycle of Identity” and created the identity you desire!

✦ Re-visited the “Restore Point” from where you followed a different path to your Desired Outcome.

✦ Taken control over the way in which you are perceived by developing a new Persona. This new Persona contains the blueprint (profile) of the “person who would be successful”. This is the person you now have become!

✦ Learned how to measure your results by aligning them with your new Persona. Results that can't be measured can't be managed!

✦ Learned how to communicate your message to your INFLUENCERS.

✦ Developed a Code of Conduct for your new Persona.

✦ Established or renewed relationships with all your INFLUENCERS.

It’s time to congratulate you on achieving a major milestone! Your new Persona is complete and you are now ready to take on the identity of the “person who would be successful”! And with the completion of your new Persona, you have now become “that person”!