New Book Reveals . . .

The Perception of WHO YOU ARE!

I believe you will help more people than you can imagine with this book. 

                           Thank you for sharing this valuable information!"                                              

~ Kim Ravida, ACC, CPC 

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Hello Allan,
I'd like to thank you for writing this book.

It is an amazing perspective on who we are.
You have truly inspired me. Thank you!
Phyllis R-J

- Phyllis R-J, RD, MPH, PCC, Ultimate Potentials Centre for Coaching & Health Services

Change Your Perception, Change Yourself!

  • This book will change the perception of “WHO You Are”, “WHY You Are” and “WHAT You Are”.
  • These are the three elements that make up your self-perception. And that perception is responsible for the situation you’re in TODAY!
  • Change Your Perception, Change Yourself! Is based on the Signature Program I developed to bring about the changes my coaching clients are looking for and deliver the RESULTS they want to achieve!
  • This book includes the exact same strategies I use in my coaching practice, and now you too can “Change Your Perception, Change Yourself!” in as little as 12 weeks!
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