About Allan

Allan N. Mulholland was at odds with his world for much of his life!
He became recalcitrant at an early age. He was always ready to challenge authority and found a way to do so with impunity! When he learned that he had a knack for writing, he discovered that “the pen is mightier than the sword”!
“I consider myself a man of reason. I am a liberal conservative who tries to balance social conscience with fiscal prudence.   One thing our world can do without is “wingnuts”, whether they be right wing or left wing! I have zero tolerance for fanatics, fakes, false prophets and fundamentalists.” ~ Allan N. Mulholland
Born and raised in Holland, Allan performed poorly in high school. He was “bored”! Faced with the prospect of failing school, he convinced his parents to send him to Canada in 1965, where he completed high school and went on to get a degree in Urban Land Economics from the University of British Columbia.

At age 25, Allan began a turbulent career in Real Estate. While successful financially, he found little satisfaction in working as a realtor. He needed an outlet for his creativity and he became “bored” with selling houses.
After 6 years, Allan switched to commercial real estate and specialized in retail leasing. Soon he became a highly successful lease negotiator and an expert in contract law. He became a Director of Operations for a major real estate firm and was responsible for 10 regional shopping centers in Western Canada. But while real estate was a career, it certainly was not Allan’s passion! And as he put in the long hours and late nights at the office, his first wife found comfort in the arms of another man.
They divorced in 1983.

The only thing that kept Allan “sane” throughout this difficult period was his passion for music and his talent for playing guitar. He quit his corporate job and became an entertainer on the original “Love boat”, cruising the waters of the Caribbean. But after 3 months of fun and frivolity, Allan became “bored” with the lifestyle and returned to Vancouver, where he did what any self-respecting unemployed executive would do!
He printed up some business cards and became a consultant. A Retail Leasing Consultant!
With a handful of national retail chains as corporate clients, life was good for the next few years. But then disaster struck again! Allan fell in love!

With his passion for everything Italian (music, food, wine and women), Allan met a beautiful Italian signorina and they got married in 1987. For the next 23 years, Allan and Nadia had a volatile love/hate relationship that pitted Allan’s moderate temperament against Nadia’s emotional outbursts. While constantly at each other’s throats, they did manage to sire three beautiful sons and to this day maintain a very strong personal bond and friendship, in spite of their divorce in 2010.
Over the past ten years, Master Results Coach & Perception Expert Allan N. Mulholland, aka “PersonaCoach”, has combined his amazing insight into the human psyche with his unique ability to coach, consult and counsel.  He teaches coaches how to get clients, deliver RESULTS and charge high-end coaching fees. He is the founder & president of PersonaCoach (Int'l) LLC and the author of “Clients Don’t Pay for Coaching. They Pay for RESULTS!” He has helped hundreds of coaches and clients achieve RESULTS with his signature coaching program “Change Your Perception. Change Yourself!” The Perception of “Who You Are” is responsible for the situation you’re in today, and by changing this perception you can achieve any desired outcome!

Allan is a popular keynote speaker and is often featured on radio shows, live events and tele-summits. He demonstrates in simple and straightforward language the true value and benefit of 'Change Your Perception, Change Yourself' as it relates to relationships, career & business, wealth management, health & wellness, personal development and spiritual growth. His presentations are motivating, inspiring, thought-provoking, energizing and entertaining and he captivates his audience from start to finish.
He is also an accomplished lead guitarist and he opens many of his keynote presentations with an electrifying 'pop' rendition of Bach's Toccata that is guaranteed to get any audience 'off their seat and on their feet'!
Today Allan resides in Vancouver, Canada and loves to go for long daily walks. He is single, happy, no longer “bored” and finally feels aligned with his world!

To Contact Allan, go topersonacoach@gmail.com or visit http://www.personacoach.com